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Stage: Evangelism

Central Thai

Thailand is a deeply Buddhist nation with over 92 percent of its population espousing the Buddhist faith. Missionaries have had very little success at penetrating this massive “spiritual wall.”

Great River People

The Great River people of Southeast Asia are waiting to hear about Jesus.


During Ottoman domination, the Greek Orthodox church preserved the Greek language and cultural identity.


Christianity is growing rapidly in Iran, numbering more than 100,000 nationals. Persecution has intensified since 2005, with marked increases in 2011 and 2012.


The Irish have always been a passionate people who pride themselves in their history of local wars. The early religious practices came from the spiritualistic Druid religion, and the Irish ballads still reflect their lusty outlook on life.


Currently focused on relationship building, the Malinke project continues to grow.


The Mien people in Thailand trace their roots back several hundred years to China, and they preserve many Chinese elements in their culture.


Nepal is a small nation located along the southern part of the Himalayas, between India and China.


Many visitors come to seek enlightenment in this predominantly Hindu region located in the mountains of Northern India.


The Pnong are animists. They often live in fear of the spirits, and they perform ceremonies designed to appease those same spirits. The most-feared spirits are called jaks.


The Reach-Out project reaches the You people in Central Asia.

Romanians of Ukraine

For more than 1,000 years, Romanian peoples have inhabited the southern region of modern-day Ukraine along with a number of other people groups.


Historically, many Albanians practiced a type of folk Islam that embraced occult and superstitious practices such as praying to the dead and seeking magic cures for sickness and curses.


The Tai-Kadai are Buddhist, but they are also heavily influenced by animism. They believe in "guardian spirits" and "locality spirits," which are identified with different levels of society.


The Tawbuid people live deep in the mountains on the island of Mindoro, Philippines.

Turks of Turkey

Turkey is the land where the early church made much of its progress in the first and second centuries.