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AFM explorer missionaries travel to new locations and conduct research to determine if that location is a good fit for a new AFM project. They also seek for local contacts who would assist career missionaries as they adjust to the new culture.

Reaching the unreached since 1985.

About this Project


What if you want to explore the world—not for adventure, but to find lost sheep and introduce them to the Savior?

William Parry and his team set out on a trek to the North Pole for the sake of adventure. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed to the peak of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, “because it is there.” Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took “one giant leap for mankind” onto the surface of the moon. All of these men were extraordinary explorers.

There are still new frontiers waiting to be explored, and AFM is looking for extraordinary Explorer Missionaries. This is a new missionary model for our organization, and it opens up possibilities for a wider range of people to actively participate in frontier mission service.

Explorer Missionaries are mature Christian individuals—from college students to retirees—who go to areas where we are considering placing future long-term missionaries. Explorer Missionaries review available information about a particular people group or geographic area, do additional research, and then travel to that region to do field research. While there, they gather data that will be useful to future missionary endeavors, including demographics, climate conditions and local receptivity to the Gospel. Also, they glean cultural insights that could help open people’s hearts to the Gospel. These Explorers also look for “people of peace” who may provide a foothold for the work of God among their people group. Explorers may go to new territories as tent-makers, students, tourists, business representatives, or in another role, depending on the needs.

Explorer Missionaries build up a support team for raising their own funds and serve for terms as short as a few weeks or as long as several months. The important thing is that together we identify promising sites for our future mission endeavors among those who have never heard the Gospel.

Like famous explorers who pushed back the edges of the unknown, Explorer Missionaries may accept calls to traverse arctic tundra, climb new heights or travel to new worlds to share the love of Jesus.

Please contact us so we can begin a journey together to explore the frontiers of mission service. Call 1-800-937-4236 or email service@afmonline.org. [EXPLORER CALLS ARE CLOSED AT THIS TIME.]