The One-Man Band

Cristian & Otilia Stroia October 01 2018, 11:06 am

Have you ever seen a one-man band? Playing multiple instruments at the same time using all his limbs and sometimes singing or playing mouth instruments, this kind of artist does all he can to make music and entertain people alone.

Although a one-man band can be entertaining, going it alone is not a good approach to missions. At our previous project in Ukraine, Otilia and I were reminded countless times how much we depended on our support team. Our home church in Romania as well as our supporting church in Ukraine gladly stepped in whenever the project’s needs overwhelmed us. Everyone in the church was good at something. Doctors helped us with health classes, and nurses were there for health tests and measurements. Some great friends provided the funds to refurbish our little church. Some donated furniture. Others helped with the work, which was a huge task. Several times, we were privileged to have our choir sing at events. A few good cooks provided amazing food for the children during their trip. We can’t even count how many times people all over the country sent us things and help we needed. Without this army of faithful people, our work would have been much harder or perhaps impossible to complete.

At our new project in Eastern Europe, there are no strong, mission-oriented churches in that area to support our work. At first, our family will be the church. However, it is unlikely that we will accomplish anything by ourselves. We are so thankful for the great team of supporters and friends who have already committed to support our project with your gifts, prayers and encouragement. We are honored and humbled to have you as our partners.

We want you to know that by doing this you are not just sending missionaries. You are missionaries. And, at the end of the day, no matter how fun a one-man band can be, the music of an orchestra is so much better.