Don & Janella Abbey March 01 2017, 3:21 pm

As we walked into the residence of the volunteer teachers at the Tai-Kadai Project, inviting aromas greeted us from the kitchen where there was a bustle of activity. We were early, but our hosts were busy preparing for the Friday evening “Lighthouse” fellowship. A couple of years ago, the teachers started inviting some of their students to their home, and this weekly event has grown into a vibrant fellowship and ministry.

They begin by sharing a meal and transition into fellowship and singing, then to worship and study. On our visit a newly baptized young person led out in the study. He comes from a Buddhist background and is very new to Christianity, and it was wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit used him to bring fresh insights to this scripture study, drawing the group into discussion. Then they break into small groups. Each group is led by a local young person just beginning to learn about Jesus through their own scriptural study.

Prior to these studies, the volunteer teachers and career missionaries provide mentorship to these new local leaders. Then they pull back and allow the young people to lead the study. This approach takes more time than presenting the material themselves, but it is a very effective way to enhance learning through teaching. The fellowship is thriving and growing.

How are you sharing Jesus with your friends and neighbors? Are you mingling with people as Jesus did? Do you take time to intentionally form relationships? Are you inviting people to your home? Do you provide meaningful venues for them to share, participate and learn? Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities to see the Holy Spirit work. Wouldn’t you like to be a “Lighthouse?”