Here Am I; Send Me!

Seth & Sonya Miller February 01 2017, 1:44 pm | 0 Comments

I love my job. God called me to be a missionary nurse eight years ago. As a nurse, I have been privileged to meet thousands of people. Some of my patients really stick out in my mind. This last year, I got to care for two retired missionary families. One worked in Japan, and the other in Lebanon. It is a great joy to minister as a nurse to the saints.

An even greater joy, although it comes with much more difficulty, is to minister with Jesus to His lost sheep who are sick in the hospital (Matt. 18:11-13). One such patient, whom I’ll call John, was struggling with pain, addiction and debilitation. John had come to the hospital concerned that he’d had a stroke. All the tests came back negative, but his symptoms of weakness and slurred speech did not go away. John was sure he had suffered a stroke and refused to leave the hospital when he was released.

Jesus was seeking out His lost sheep. John requested prayer and liked to begin the day with prayer when I got to the hospital each morning. Once when I came into John’s room, he announced to the person he was talking to, “My doctor is here.” I reminded him that I was not his doctor, just his nurse. “You are my doctor because you helped me,” he clarified. Praise the Lord! It was Jesus in me who helped John.

There are many sick people among the Palawano. The nearest help is usually the local witchdoctor who can offer no healing for body or soul. The Palawano people need Jesus! They need medical missionaries to help them and point them to Him. “Here am I; send me!” (Isa. 6:8). I am eager for the Holy Spirit to use me to tell the Palawano people of Jesus and His healing, saving love.

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