God’s Gift To Us

Orion & Keren Lawrence August 01 2016, 4:47 pm | 0 Comments

“You’ve been married 12 years and still don’t have any children?” Her voice mixed astonishment with pity. Having and raising sons is the most important priority for women in India. “Have you gone to the doctor for help?”

“Thank you for suggesting it,” I replied before steering the conversation back to something more comfortable.

The questions continued when we returned to the States at the end of our India service, this time from potential donors. I knew I had to reply politely even if my heart was aching. I felt I was beginning to have a deeper understanding of my Bible hero, Elizabeth. How had she used this time of cultural shame to become the spiritual giant who taught John the Baptist the Scriptures (Luke 1:5-7)? I realized that even if God never granted me children of my own, I wanted the powerful faith walk that this woman possessed.

As we began preparing for our new mission in PNG, I knew that having children was very important to PNG women, and I asked God if this would be a problem in our ministry. As we continued fundraising, God remained silent.

Then God decided it was time to let us know that we wouldn’t be going to PNG childless. After 16 years of waiting and trusting in God’s perfect timing, we are entering AFM summer training seven months pregnant, preparing to be well-trained missionaries as well as godly parents.

“Are you still going to PNG?” donors ask.

“Oh yes! With a little missionary in my arms,” I reply with a smile. “The same God who called us to PNG has given us a child, and we are overjoyed.”

We look forward to joining David and Edie Hicks in PNG in a few months and getting to know the many people to whom God is preparing us to minister.

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