Faith Taking Root

Ulrike & Toussaint Baur-Kouato January 01 2017, 9:33 am | 0 Comments

As Charles and I walked home from prayer meeting, he gave me an update on how things were going in the village. Every Wednesday he and Jean, both local evangelists and part of our team, hold evangelistic meetings in a village that used to be very resistant to the gospel. “Remember the old lady who used to get visited by spirits every night, so she asked for prayer?” he said. “She gave a wonderful testimony today. Through our teachings she understood that if we want to follow God we don’t wear talismans. But she was scared to take them off. So she prayed and asked God, if He really didn’t want her to wear her talisman any longer, to make it fall off. By the end of the day she saw that her talisman was only held by a single thread—all the others had worn through. She understood that this was God’s answer, so she took the talisman off and threw it away.”

Isn’t it beautiful how God coached her to take that step? She had to make the decision, but He walked with her and confirmed her.

Several ladies in this village are at the point of making decision for Christ. They have requested that Jean start a Sabbath church service there. This is not an easy step for them. All their lives they have known no alternative but to rely on the fetish. Some of them are going against the will of their families since most of the men have quit coming to the meetings. Please pray for these ladies as they step out in faith. And pray that the men will rejoin them someday.

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