Each One Reach One, But…

John Baxter May 09 2017, 10:20 am | 0 Comments

Let’s suppose that the church sedentary actually becomes the church militant. Members begin to wake up and realize that the signs of the times are screaming with a loud voice, proclaiming that the coming of Jesus is drawing near at an increasingly faster rate. The end of all things is at hand, and each person begins to do their part in sharing the gospel.

Imagine: each person in the church makes an effort to win one person. Each one reaches one. Soon those who are reached are reaching their friends, who are reaching their friends, and the wonderful news of the crucified, resurrected and soon-coming Savior appears to be going to the whole world. But…

Even if each member were to do their best—praying, sharing, and giving Bible studies to their friends and neighbors, there would still be an un-met challenge: the unreached. The unreached are those people who have not had the opportunity to hear the everlasting gospel­—and never will—unless someone is willing to leave their comfort zone and move cross-culturally to meet them, love them and share with them the message of Calvary.

The majority of the unreached live in territories where there is no active Christian witness, and certainly no active Seventh-day Adventist Christian witness. This is why Adventist Frontier Missions exists—to take the wonderful, marvelous, incredible message of forgiveness, healing, redemption and eternal life to those who have never known the Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are praying that you are one of those members of the church militant who recognizes the Biblical evidence that the coming of the Savior is drawing nigh. You are one who is active in sharing the love of Jesus with your friends and neighbors, and God has blessed your efforts. Now you realize that you are called to carry this message to another culture, another land, an unreached group of people. Be like Jesus. Go!

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