Driving Dark

Orion & Keren Lawrence January 01 2017, 1:11 pm | 0 Comments

They are driving dark! I realized with alarm as I saw the black car moving through the night with its headlights off. Instantly, I began praying, “Dear God, those people don’t realize they have forgotten to turn on their headlights. Please help them to realize the problem and turn on their headlights.” As I pulled in behind them, I continued praying until I saw that their headlights switch on. Then I ended with praise to God for showing them their danger and helping them.

I thought about the many people who are “driving dark” spiritually, those in need of someone to pray for them until they see their need of Jesus and accept His grace. How is it that we find it so easy to pray fervently for someone who is in physical danger but so easy to forget to pray for the lost?
My prayer today is that I will be intentional about praying for the lost.

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