Creating Opportunities to Share

Seth & Sonya Miller July 01 2017, 2:52 pm | 0 Comments

I love being out in God’s creation. We are trying to get in good physical shape to prepare for all the hiking we will do in the mountain jungles of Palawan. So we’ve been hiking around the yard at home, at Southern Adventist University’s Biology trail, and other favorite places.

Sometimes Lily gets tired and wants me to carry her. Her energy often revives when she sees people walking toward us; especially if they have a dog with them. If the dog is not too big, she likes to ask the people if she can pet it. Luke, Sonya and I join in, petting the dog and asking its name, what breed it is, how old it is.

Soon it is time to continue our walk. But before we do, we like to give the people some of our favorite GLOW tracts, such as Promise of Peace, Talking with God, and Steps to Health. We want them to find the abundant health and peace we have found with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Working together with Sonya, Luke, Lily and Jesus is a tremendous blessing. “For we are Labourers together with God” (1 Cor. 3:9). We depend on Luke and Lily’s friendliness and love of animals to create opportunities to share Jesus with people on the trails of Tennessee. We depend on your faithful prayers and support to give us the opportunity to share Jesus with the Palawano people in the Philippines. Thank you for laboring together with God and us by your faithful prayers and support!

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