Location: Europe

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Graham & Pauline Allcock

Euro-Asia Field Director since 2009.

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Jacob & Sky Bridger

Career Missionaries since 2015

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Gabriel & Eileen Cardona

Career Missionaries since 2018.


Paolo Cardosa

Short-Term Missionary for 2019

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Malachi & Adalia Coal

Career Missionaries since 2015.

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Patrick & Bridget Dysert

Career Missionary since April 2005.

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Abram & Charlotte Faure

AFM-SAT Missionaries for 2019


Róisín Ferguson

Short-term Missionary from 2015-2016


Sophia Frankston

Student Missionary for 2018-2019

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Barnabas & Esther Hope

Career Missionaries since 2004.

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Julie Jones

Student Missionary for 2018

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Hasan Kartal

AFM-Brasil STM for 2017-2018

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Eren Marangoz

AFM-Brazil Short-Term Missionary for 2017

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André & Camila Marquetto

AFM-Brazil Career Missionaries since 2019.

Yannis & Lina Martinson

Career Missionaries since 2011.

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Sean & Brenda Mays

Career Missionaries since 2006.

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Iran Missionary

Career Missionary since 2012.

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Andy & Mary Murphy

Career Missionaries since 2014.

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Ali & Nena Nassar

Career missionaries since 2012.

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Dylan & Claire O'Donnel

Volunteer Missionary Candidates since 2015.

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Wesley Rocha

Short-Term Missionary for 2018

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Pilgrim & Faith Singh

Career Missionaries since 2012.

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John & Mary Smith

Career Missionaries since 2004.

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Cristian & Otilia Stroia

Career Missionary since 2017

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