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John Holbrook

Career Missionary since 2011.

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Scouting New Territory

John Holbrook January 01 2011, 10:51 am | 0 Comments

I did what I could, going into the foothills where I providentially met a few Batangan and interviewing anyone who knew anything about them. When I left, I was certain I had accomplished nothing except wasting the Lord’s money.

But our God never lets things go to waste.

Untouched and Unreached

John Holbrook December 01 2010, 10:47 am | 0 Comments

Fearing the outside world would contaminate them, these people, sometimes referred to as the Highland Batangan or True Batangan, hired men to guard these trailheads so no one could reach them, not even the rest of their tribe who chose not to flee the foreign influences.

Introducing John Holbrook

John Holbrook November 01 2010, 9:56 am | 0 Comments

You see, I grew up working with AFM among the Philippine Alangan people. As I grew, God began opening my eyes to what was all around me. I saw the desperation of the lost. I saw the vastness of the work still to do. I saw the eyes of that little boy, and I felt God telling me that this was the calling for which He was preparing my life.