Types of Mission Service

Slashing through the jungles to bring malarial medications to a sick villager; wrestling with how to present the Gospel clearly through a multimedia presentation; sharing the hope of eternal life with a group of people who have only known fear; teaching and ministering to children … We have different types of mission calls to match different God-given gifts and visions. Whether God is calling you to commit 10 years of your life to mission service, one year, or a few months, please select one of the options below and step forward in faith.

Career Missions

God is calling you to go to an unreached people group, learn their heart language, gather insights from their culture, and share the love of Christ in ways that are clear, winsome, and understandable. You will develop Bible studies and ministry materials that will reach and disciple your people. As local believers unite with you in worshipping the Savior, you will train and mentor leaders, bringing them to a point at which the newly established church functions independently of the missionaries and has branched out to plant other churches. This process will take several years to accomplish, but you have committed your life to following the Lamb and serving His children. You are committed to a career in mission service. We will guide you, the new missionaries-in-training, towards building a strong team who will support you with funds, prayer and encouragement. Check out our career opportunities!

Student Missions

You are a college student and realize that the best part of your education will be to serve on the frontiers and introduce others to Jesus. Typical ministry opportunities include outreach/evangelism activities, basic medical work, homeschooling of missionary children, agricultural or other development activities, teaching, mechanical and construction work, and many other opportunities.

Our student missionaries are typically between 19 and 27 years of age. To qualify as a student missionary, you must have been enrolled in school full-time for a full term within the last 12 months. Each call lasts between nine months and two years. All student missionaries are responsible to raise a portion of the required funds. See our student missions opportunities.

Short-Term Missions

You have completed your education, and now you sense the Holy Spirit sending you to the unreached to reveal the Gospel through your life. Similar to student missions, there are a variety of ministry service opportunities available to short-term missionaries, and many include additional responsibilities for more mature individuals.

Our short-term missionaries are usually between 19 and 35 years of age, but many of these calls may also be appropriate for those who are older and are looking for a way to serve Christ and His children. Each call utilizes different skills and lasts between nine months and two years. Short-term missionaries are responsible for raising their own funds. Browse opportunities for short-term mission service.

Tentmaker Missions

You are a skilled teacher or professional who would like to use your talents to expand the kingdom of God. Tentmakers are dedicated, spiritually mature Christians who, in light of the Great Commission, view their vocation as an opportunity to reach unreached people. Employment is a vital aspect of Christian witness because it provides substantial means to develop relationships, credibility and contexts for ministry. A Tentmaker can be employed within a company, teach in an educational institution, work in government, or own or run a business.

Tentmaking is an exciting area for missions because it opens up opportunities to reach seemingly inaccessible people in new ways with the Gospel. Tentmaking can be very powerful in mission fields where traditional types of ministry are ineffective or prohibited.

Learn more about Tentmaker missions or to join the tentmaker community by visiting our GoTential website at www.gotential.org.

Explorer Missions


You want to explore the world—not for adventure, but to find lost sheep and introduce them to the Savior. Explorer missionaries go into new territories, conduct research for future project locations, and identify “people of peace” who may enhance the ministry of future career missionaries. You may go to your territory as a tent-maker, or as a student, or in another role, depending on the needs.

Explorer missionaries are converted, committed Seventh-day Adventist Christians of any age above 19 who are in good health and are looking for a way to discretely serve Christ and His children. You will serve for several months to several years. Explorer Missionaries are responsible for raising their own funds. Learn more about explorer mission service.


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