Graham Allcock

December 1st, 2017 @ 10:04 am

“Would you like to come and join me today in my ministry and experience firsthand what I’m doing?” my host asked me.

One of the joys of being an AFM field director is that each year I have the opportunity to visit some of our donors. In the Fall, I had the joy of travelling to North Carolina for a speaking appointment at a church where we have several supporters, and I stayed with a family there for a few days. Dennis, my host, explained the ministry he had developed to reach out to his community, and he invited me to accompany him. Five days a week, Monday to Friday, he goes to a local bus stop and catches a bus to Asheville, an hour-and-a-half trip. He brings bags full of bottled water, which he passes out to the other passengers. He takes the same bus and talks with the travelers every day, so they get to know him. Along with each bottle of water, he also distributes a small card that says, “The key to happiness is helping others.” Just underneath that statement it says, “Be Happy and Healthy,” along with his name and phone number. On the other side of the card is the NEWSTART list of advice:

Nutrition: Eat a variety of vegetables and fruit
Exercise: Exercise for 30 minutes a day, three times a week
Water: Drink half your body weight in ounces
Sunshine: 15 minutes per day provides vitamin D
Temperance: Abstain from harmful substances
Air: Breathe deeply of fresh air each day
Rest: 8 hours each night
Trust in God: Begin your day with prayer, surrendering your plans and cares to God.

Dennis also gives free books and pamphlets to those who show interest. He has numerous conversations with different people every day, and some of those conversations are just what the individual needs at the time.

Dennis told me of one conversation with a seatmate. “How are you?” the man asked.

“Great,” Dennis answered.

“Tell me as though I don’t know what great means,” his seatmate responded.

Dennis chose his words carefully, yet spontaneously: “When you’re doing God’s will, you can’t get any better than that.”

“So true,” the man replied.

Ministry isn’t just for those on the front lines of the mission field. Every believer can ask God for guidance and think of creative ways to make an impact in their community. What has God been prompting you to do?