Why Africa?

“Why Africa?” The first time we heard that question was just hours after we had accepted the call with Adventist Frontier Missions to the Pendjari region of Benin, West Africa. 

It’s a question we have wrestled with ourselves. Why Benin, the birthplace of voodoo and hotbed of spiritualistic beliefs involving animal sacrifices and religious practices most would consider barbaric? Why live and minister where demonic oppression and attack are “normal” occurrences? Why go where we feel so ill-equipped to meet the spiritual needs?

Recently, a dear friend responded to our thanks for the role she has played in our launching to Benin with: “You’re welcome. I can’t go and be a missionary in Africa.”

So, why Africa? The answer is simple: Because there are others who would willingly go but for whatever reason cannot. Because, through the “all things are possible” power of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can go! Because the Pendjari people are desperate for deliverance from the curse under which they live. Because no stronghold of Satan is too powerful for Jesus, and the Pendjari people do not know this yet. 

Perhaps the question should be “Why not Africa?” Why not go where the needs are great, which means our all-powerful God is that much greater? Why not allow the Lord to use our weaknesses so that the Pendjari people can see that there is no weakness too great for our almighty, conquering Savior? Why not go?

Benin, West Africa is where the Lord, our Commander in Chief, has called us to go. We accept our marching orders.

The battle for souls is intensifying as the enemy recognizes that his days are numbered. The Pendjari people must be reached with the gospel before our Lord returns. Join us in hastening Christ’s return through your prayers and financial support of the Pendjari Project.

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