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Life this spring has not been normal for pretty much everyone. Unless you live completely untouched by civilization, the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to have impacted your life in some way. Our AFM office staff has been working from home since Michigan’s stay-at-home order on March 23. My new “office,” which is really just a chair in a corner of my living room, has a beautiful view out to the yard. I have been blessed to be able to watch spring come alive in a way I have never witnessed before. Every time I glance out the window, a new flower has opened up or another tree has budded. But what I have enjoyed the most about my new space is catching glimpses of my ducks, Mocha (male), Ritz and Triscuit (females), waddling this way and that throughout the day, searching out new puddles to play in.

This morning, while on a pre-work walk, I decided to let them out of their coop to get an early start on their day’s adventures. As they joyfully ran across the back yard, I continued my normal circuit of my yard. When I approached the house again, I saw Mocha and Triscuit out front dabbling in the puddles, but from behind the house there arose a terrible racket of loud, wailing quacks. I hurriedly rounded the corner of the garage and found a forlorn sight. There was Ritz all by herself mournfully crying out for her buddies who had left her behind. In her panic over being left alone, she had forgotten the route she needed to take to be reunited with her friends.

I decided I would help her out and tried to herd her in the right direction. Mistaking my intentions, she turned and ran back toward the coop, quacking even louder. After chasing her halfway across the back yard, I had almost given up. All of a sudden, Mocha tore around the opposite corner of the house, his neck stretched out, ready for a fight. Hearing the cries of his friend, he had come rushing to her rescue. As they reunited, I heard the sound of ducky chatter as Ritz filled Mocha in on her horrible ordeal. My heart warmed. Even while he had been busy with other concerns, he had not forgotten her. He had heard her cries, sought her out and come to her rescue.

This year our lives have changed very quickly in a very short amount of time. For some of us, these developments, while not as pleasant as playing in puddles, have not been very difficult. Others have faced sorrows and challenges that no one even dreamed of back in January. But as I have talked with you, our donors, I can tell that you are still hearing the cries of the unreached. As you focus on life’s challenges, you haven’t forgotten them, but are still ready to charge in to seek and save the lost. Thank you for continuing to search out the unreached and unite them with the rest of the flock. May God bless us all as we work together to bring them home.

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