The Shepherd Boy

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ruth asked Mike, her son’s friend.

“I want to be a shepherd,” The energetic five-year-old replied.

“A shepherd? Why not a cow herder? We don’t have any sheep in our country. Why do you want to be a shepherd?”

“Because there were shepherds in the Bible.”

Invited by Ruth, Mike has been attending Sabbath School class for the last six months and learning Bible stories. The first day he came, he clung to Ruth, burying his head in her chest and refusing to stay in class without her there. He wouldn’t participate in anything that first day. But as she continued bringing him along with her adopted son each Sabbath, he slowly lost his shyness. Now he comes eagerly and enjoys listening to the stories and participating in the activities.

Please pray for our little Sabbath School class. Pray that the Master Shepherd will touch their lives, and these little lambs will choose to follow Him and be workers in His pastures.

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