The Farmer

The pleasant morning breeze drew Joy and me farther down our daily walking trail than normal. As we passed the vegetable farm, I prayed for an opportunity to get to know the people there.

As we started home, dark clouds were gathering. The wind picked up, and I hurried as drops of rain began to fall. As we took shelter under a tall tree on the edge of the farmer’s field, the rain came down in torrents. The farmer pulled his plow up beside the field shelter where his wife sat. Then he saw us. “Come!” he called. Soon we were under the shelter. The storm sounded even louder under the tin roof.

Thirty minutes later, the rain let up, and we were able to talk. “What is life like in America?” they wanted to know. “We really like it here. People aren’t in much of a hurry. I hear families don’t always eat together in America. Here we work and eat together!”

I would love to tell them about the family meal Jesus has planned for those who choose to serve Him! Please pray that God will continue to provide opportunities for us to share His love.

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