“I think you should come and see this,” my sister Joelle called. I looked at Sukila’s side and saw a five-inch incision held together by eleven black stitches. Clear yellow fluid oozed out of it.

Sukila is a 20-year-old university student who lives in a small rented room near Joelle’s house. The wound was from surgery on her left side a week earlier. We drove her back to the hospital, and they cleaned and re-bandaged her incision and removed two stitches where the liquid was coming out. They told us to come back the next day for a dressing change.

I was visiting my sister at the Tai-Kadai Project for a month, and I had been praying that I would be able to help give someone a clearer picture of Jesus. On the way home from the hospital, I offered to Sukila that I could change the dressing for her at her home. Sukila readily agreed.

The next morning, I gathered all the necessary bandaging supplies and went to Sukila’s house. Her wound was still weeping. Gently I cleaned everything and sopped up the drainage. Sukila lay quietly on her mattress on the floor as I bent over her. I prayed that my fingers would share Jesus’ love since my mouth is not yet fluent in sharing it in the Tai Kadai language. As I cleaned and bandaged the wound, I watched Sukila’s face for any sign of pain, but she assured me that all was fine.

A few days later when the wound had closed, I took out the stitches, gently lifting, snipping and removing each one. Sukila lay quietly while I worked. When my hands would tickle her side, then she would let out a soft giggle.

Today, I palpated her skin all along the healed stitches. As my fingers gently pressed into her side, she began giggling. I looked into her twinkling eyes and joined in her laughter. I was filled with joy that she was not in pain. Then she taught me the numbers one, two, and three in the Tai Kadai language. I long to know more, to know the words to tell the stories of Jesus.

Sukila is studying to be a teacher. I want to introduce her to the greatest Teacher the world has ever known, my best friend Jesus Christ. But my words are completely inadequate right now. So I pray that my actions will speak where words cannot.

God found a way to use me while I am here for only a month. What more could I do if I were here for a year? What about you? What plans might God have for reaching others using the special talents He has given you?

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