Stay Permit

“I’m sorry,” the officer said. “Without your stay permit, I cannot issue inspection papers for your tuk-tuk. I’ll write a document telling the village what you need.”

There it was again—the stay permit. It normally takes 30 minutes to acquire, but it had taken us months!

Armed with this new paper, we tried again—first to one office and then to another. Finally, we were sent to the Provincial Immigration Police. “I think we can help,” they finally said. They requested more papers, which we gathered and brought back. “Have your landlord sign this.” Off on another expedition, but the end was in sight!

“The document is free, but can you please give us some money for our office in exchange for this favor?” The police asked.

There it was—the bribe request. The document was stamped and lying in front of us, but extortion is something we can’t condone. “I’ll be happy to pay for the document, just please issue a receipt,” Robert replied. Twenty minutes later, we left without the document.

“What shall we do?”

“Don’t worry, there is another way,” Robert said calmly.

Off to the Commune office we went, the same office Robert had visited many times and received no help. Before making his request to the officer, Robert called the main office in the capital and put them on speakerphone. Soon the officer began leafing through the documents and then began to type. An hour later we left with the stay permits.

We spent months trying to get these papers! What made the difference? It was God’s blessing in response to prayers of believers seeking His help. Please join us in praying that God will continue to open doors and make the impossible come to pass.


The Lord is our ever-present help in our times of need. And even more, it is a blessing that all of Heaven and Earth work together to ensure the will of God prevail even amongst established corrupt regimes.

By TED on January 23 2018, 1:54 am

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