Saving Myelin

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We were almost to the halfway point of our hike back into the mountains after spending Thanksgiving with our teammates in the lowlands when Carrie got a phone call. “Myelin is in labor.”

“Okay,” Carrie said, “have her go to the clinic, and we will meet her there.”

As Carrie and I started running up the trail, the guys we were hiking with had mercy on us. “Leave your bags, and we will bring them!” they hollered after us.

We raced up the trail, slipping and sliding. When we finally made it to Kemantian, we went straight to the clinic. No patient! Looking back toward the birthing house, we saw lights. That’s where we found Myelin.

After quickly assessing Myelin, we determined that she was still in early labor, so we ran home to change and shower. When we returned and checked on her, she had made some progress, and the contractions were closer together. We went to bed and got some sleep. When we checked her again, she was pushing, but she didn’t seem fully dilated, so we told her to wait a little longer before pushing. We went back home to sleep some more, but only half an hour later we got word that Myelin was pushing again. Sometimes she pushed very well, and the bag of waters came down quite far, and sometimes she would fight and not want to push. The baby’s head was very high, and nothing we tried made it move down.

Finally, we decided to transport Myelin down to the lowland hospital. Her husband ran to various homes to find men to help carry Myelin. Two hours later we were still short on help, but I told the men that time was running out for Myelin, and we had to go. The men struggled under the weight of the bamboo pole that held Myelin’s hammock. The women with us helped the men avoid rocks and keep the hammock level. We begged everyone we passed on the trail to help us, and several more men came to our aid, taking turns under the pole. This was teamwork in the truest sense. They took off their shoes to get better footing, and the women picked up the shoes and carried them. One man went ahead of us and cut away trees that had fallen across the trail. At one point there was a large tree across the trail, and the men had to lift Myelin over it. We made it down the trail in two hours. Myelin and her baby still had good vital signs.

After waiting six hours at the government hospital, she was transferred to a private hospital. They decided to send her to Puerto Princesa for a cesarean section. Thirty hours after labor began, a healthy baby boy was born via C-section. Praise the Lord for His mercies!

Please keep the Palawano people in your prayers. May the Palawano church members work together to save souls like they worked together to save Myelin and her baby.

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