Our Faithful Neighbor

“Waaaaah, Waaah!” Baby Joy’s tummy was gassy. It was hours before she could sleep. Parenting is a skill that takes time to learn. Did I eat something that made her gassy? More importantly, what could I do to help her feel better?

Dorothy, my next-door neighbor, stopped by. “Is Joy sleeping?”

“Yes, she is now. She didn’t feel well this morning.”

“You should take some of that root, grate it finely and plaster it on her tummy.”

“What plant?” I asked, eager for something to help our daughter.

“That one,” Dorothy pointed. “I’ll get some for you.”

A few minutes later, I looked across the yard. There was Dorothy on her knees, hands folded and head bowed as she sought the Great Physician before digging up the root. Soon she handed me a root that smelled and looked a bit like ginger.

I praise God not only for a natural remedy that helped Joy with her tummy ache, but also for a neighbor of strong faith who first turned to the Great Physician before seeking the healing powers of His creation.

Please pray for Dorothy, and the other church members here. Pray they will have opportunities to share their faith with those in the community.

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