New Opportunities

As dry season gave way to rainy season, my daily walk along the rice fields became more and more difficult. First the rain kept me away. When the rain stopped, there were still mud puddles dotting the path. Finally I gave in to the weather, knowing it would be months before the path would be dry enough and I could again enjoy daily walks along the rice fields.

In the meantime, our daughter Joy was born. Once the weather changed and I was able to start walking again, Joy was about a month old. Neighbors who lived along the path had known I was pregnant, and now they watched as I carried our young daughter. Excitedly they would stop what they were doing and come over to admire her. “She is so white,” “Her nose is just perfect!” were a few of the comments I heard almost every time I left the house. Neighbors I had not previously been able to build a relationships with now came up and wanted to talk.

I praise God for new relationship opportunities. For the young mother who just moved in a few houses down from us; for the grandmother who had a cold; for the family taking their elderly father to the hospital, just to name a few. Having a newborn has changed many aspects of my life in a good way. I am thankful for these opportunities to connect with neighbors in ways I was not able to previously.

Please pray that as we continue serving, God will use the changes in our lives to further His work and help us better reach out to those around us.

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