As the helicopter landed, the crowd of people waited eagerly at a safe distance. There was the man with the bushy head of hair and the red stain of beetle nut around his mouth. There was Saduk, the first contact we had had with this village. There was the woman with a child on each hip. There was the mother we took to the hospital in February after she had had a retained placenta for five days. There was the little girl we had treated for a high fever from malaria and a swollen stomach due to parasites. There was the eager face of Dyiku who had spent several days at the clinic last year with his sick son. There was the newborn baby laying on the bamboo floor next to his mother. There was the sweet girl with the bright smile I recognized from when she had come to the clinic. And there were all the others, some familiar and some not. These are the people of the village of Marma. They have cleared a landing spot for the helicopter and built a schoolhouse. They are eagerly waiting for someone to come work among them and teach them.

A year or two ago was the first time we met Saduk. He had heard about the clinic and had made the long hike to Kemantian to get help for someone in his village who was sick. We ended up flying over and picking up the patient. Since then, we have had other contacts with them to treat various patients. A while back, Saduk came and talked with Mrs. George, asking for a teacher to come and educate them. Since that time we have been praying for someone to send.

Yesterday we flew over to pick up a patient. I was able to see the nice landing area that they had cleared and the schoolhouse built of bamboo, grass and coconut leaves. Saduk eagerly talked about how they would bring some gravel to put in front of the school to help with the mud and how they would make the landing spot better. They are ready and waiting! Please join us in praying that God will raise up workers from the Palawano people to go and reap this harvest.

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