It’s still going! Built in a remote village by skillful hands, our little cart has lasted through about seven years of use (and abuse)/ through hundreds of miles of travel from towns in Thailand to neighboring countries, through border checkpoints (where it turned many heads), then a ride of more than 400 miles strapped to a bus, then moderate use thereafter in a large city.

Now it resides in a small Christian suburb of the city, next to our old house, where it continues to faithfully perform its duties. It cost me only $100, but it has carried many 50-kilo sacks of rice, been the toy of many children, and has even taken my wife and daughter on trips powered by the feet of this author.

In the local language, carts are called something like loh, meaning wheel. It brings back warm feelings to see it again, and to know it is being used daily. Few investments of $100 have returned so much value, and it is not done yet. I bought a new cart in Stung Treng, but it will never replace this one in my heart.

It’s the same when you invest in local congregations by training people to share Jesus and shine as Christians. Though the vessels may seem very ordinary, God empowers each one to perform far beyond expectations. Though these people are meek and don’t value themselves highly, God paid the ultimate price to redeem them, and he uses them mightily in His service.

May we all be faithful lohs for Him!

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