Life Begins at . . . Jesus

Over these past several years that we have made our home in Thailand, a frequent prayer of mine has been: “Lord, how do I reach the unreached of this foreign land when I can’t adequately communicate as I wish I could?”

When one is past three-score and ten years, those memory cells just don’t seem to function with the same efficiency as they used to. My heart wants to share the love of Jesus as much as possible, and I always look for ways to build friendships with neighbors that speak my language—at least a little. 

Recently, I became aware that God was answering my prayer in ways that I didn’t expect. My Wednesday evening Bible study/prayer group for ladies in our church community has changed significantly. God has brought English-speaking foreigners to this group, and some of them have not been of our faith and beliefs.

One lady, in particular, expressed sincere interest in knowing about what we, as Seventh-day Adventists, believe. So as the group agreed, our study shifted from devotional to more doctrinal topics of discussion. Since her time of teaching in Thailand ended, she returned to her home country, but not before God had sent us two more individuals who were very interested in deeper understandings of the Bible, prophecy, and more. 

Each week, we gather around the table and open our Bibles to understand another unique topic—Sabbath, baptism, death, the three angels’ messages and so forth.
Another lady, Meagan, has attended our mid-week Bible study and joined our Sabbath morning worship services and any other activities that we may share as a group—birthday parties, Sabbath afternoon walks in nature, Sabbath outreach with food for the homeless and other activities. She is excited about what she is learning and happy to have a Christian group of friends to fill her life here as she studies at the local university. 

Learning about the importance of the seventh-day Sabbath has impacted not only her life but also her family back home in Europe. Her father pastors a Sunday-keeping church and frequently has a dialog with Meagan about what she is learning. God only knows the end of the story, but our group is praying for the Holy Spirit to lead in our studies for His glory and the furtherance of the gospel’s end-time messages. 
“Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

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