The open porch at the clinic is our waiting room. Day by day, physical woes bring our mountain people to gather here. Some have walked many hours to find help. Some have been carried. All know that they need physical healing. Most also need to see the Creator God of the universe in action. They can’t even imagine what riches of peace, health and faith are available to those who know Jesus.

Near the end of August we found two-year-old Kirin on our clinic porch along with her mother and several relatives. Kirin was wailing. The journey must have been painful and exhausting for her. The unhappy little girl had a fever. Her right forearm, left hip, and right knee were grossly swollen. Her mother told us that Kirin first had trouble in July. At that time her feet swelled and then leaked pus and blood. She got a little better for a while, but the swelling came back. After a week of this, desperation brought them to our clinic.

Carrie admitted Kirin and started her on antibiotics. We put charcoal poultices on the swellings. Two days later we lanced the boils, and about two cups of discolored pus and blood gushed out. It is hard to imagine getting that much toxic liquid from one tiny, screaming toddler.

Most of our attempts to help Kirin have caused her pain. There have been shots, IV lines, and our efforts to restrain her while squeezing pus from her wounds. The poor little girl cries whenever she sees us. There is no way to make her understand that everything we do is from hearts filled with love for her. She can’t tell that we are trying to save her life and get her well.

We praise God that our little patient is getting better. Her fever is gone, and every day the wounds are shrinking and leaking less pus. Please pray that Kirin and her family will learn about Jesus and His healing power because of their time with us at the clinic.

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