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About a 10-minute walk up the hill behind my house is a village called Sungsang. If you walk through that village and down the hill a little ways you will come to a tiny bamboo hut about six feet square. Half of the hut is taken up by a bamboo platform that is used as a bed. The rest of the hut houses a few belongings—a couple pots, some clothes, school notebooks and a few water jugs. The occupant of this house is Kildit, a young lady about 20 years old. She is the only Adventist member in Sungsang and attends the third grade in our mission school.

Kildit gets up early every morning and climbs the hill to the spring where she fills her water jugs for cooking and a shower before school. She carries the jugs back to her house, cooks breakfast (when she has food to eat) and then heads down the hill to school. In the evenings after school she spends her time finding, harvesting, and preparing her food and doing her homework. Sometimes she makes the long hike over to her family’s village and helps them on the family farm. When she does this on weekdays, she makes the long trek in the afternoon after school and returns early the next morning in time for class.

Kildit started attending school several years ago due to the influence of her older sister. Two years after her sister was baptized, Kildit publicly declared her commitment to follow Jesus also. She is now a faithful and determined Christian. When she is back in her family’s village, she can be found sharing Bible stories and teaching songs to whomever is willing to listen and learn. On Sabbath afternoons, she and I lead outreach groups in two different villages.

Life is rarely easy for Kildit. It is often hard for her to make time to find and prepare food. It is a temptation to drop out of school and live life as a lot of the other girls her age are doing. It is hard to be the only Christian in her village. She is saddened that her family doesn’t want to hear about the faith she is so eager for them to accept. But praise God, Kildit is solid in her faith and full of missionary spirit. She has natural leadership ability and a burden for souls. Please join her in praying that her parents and brother will come to know and accept Jesus, and that she can continue to be a light for her family.

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