“What did the doctor say?” I asked Rose as we sat together on the bench at the farm. “It was very sad,” she responded. I then knew that she understood the condition of her longed-for baby girl.

About five years earlier Rose was pregnant. Her husband left her not long before giving birth to a little girl she named Sara. So, Rose and her son, Mark, went to live with Rose’s grandmother for the next several years. As the baby grew older it became evident that something was not right. After getting some tests done it was determined that the baby had a condition called hydranencephaly. Which is a rare form of hydrocephalus and is fatal. Rose lovingly and faithfully cared for her little girl, often bringing her to the clinic when her body temperature and heart rate became too low. The last time she brought her, little Sara only made it a few days before dying. Rose was heartbroken. As the community gathered to have a short service for Sara, Rose hugged her little boy and told him through her tears that they needed to remain faithful so that they would see Sara again in Heaven one day.

Rose got remarried and became pregnant. When she came for her first pre-natal, she expressed her desire to have another little girl. We were all hoping the same thing.

Several months later, Rose delivered at the birthing house. However, the baby was not normal. We sent her out to get tested and it was confirmed that little Mary had the same condition that Sara had. She died three months later.

My heart broke for Rose when I found out the news. Please pray for Rose, her husband and Mark. We can’t wait for the day when “little children are borne by holy angels to their mothers’ arms.” CG 566.3

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