God’s Timing is Best

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As I saw Nurayda and her family sitting in church on Sabbath, I was reminded again that God had held everything in His hands the whole time. It had been a battle the past couple of weeks to trust God with our three pregnant ladies who were due to deliver anytime. We were scheduled to be in the lowlands for two weeks during camp meeting, and these ladies were very adamant about not wanting to deliver in the lowlands. We were praying hard that they would deliver before we left, but as the time of our departure came closer, I had to fight with myself not to stress out about it. We were so thankful that they had decided to deliver at the clinic, and we wanted them to feel comfortable. We just kept reminding ourselves that God’s timing is perfect, and He had everything in control.

Monday afternoon, a week before we were supposed to hike out, Lili started having contractions. Her labor was hard and long. About 26 hours later, we ended up having to carry her out in a hammock to the hospital in the middle of the night. We were afraid the baby might not make it due to the complications she was having. As we were hiking back from the hospital at about 1 a.m., we were so thankful to get the news that Lili had safely delivered a little girl! We made it home around 2 a.m. that morning and went to bed. Later that same day in the afternoon, the next little girl was born. Healthy and no complications—praise God! We were resting a little easier now that two of the three ladies had delivered. Only Nurayda was left.

It has been such a blessing getting to know Nurayda. She has been with us for the past two months while receiving tuberculosis treatment and gaining strength for her delivery. She had greatly improved since we picked her up two months ago. She now had the strength to walk and was feeling much better. We were concerned about her delivery, though. She had been very sick with tuberculosis, and we didn’t know how it might affect her unborn baby. As we approached the time to leave for camp meeting, Nurayda agreed to go out with us. Four days after we arrived at the farm where camp meeting was to be held, she delivered a baby boy. We are so thankful that the delivery went well!

This past Sabbath as Nurayda, her husband and their new baby came to church with us, I was in awe of the way God had worked things out. If Nurayda had delivered before we left for camp meeting, she would have gone straight home. But her delayed delivery allowed her and her family to attend camp meeting. Also, since we are already in the lowlands, we will be able to get the baby tested and see if there is anything he needs.
Praise God that He always has the best plan and the best timing! Please keep Nurayda and her family in your prayers.

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