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“What kinds of things do you need for the clinic? How can we help?” These have been the questions of so many people during this furlough.

My supporting churches have blessed me in many ways. One church assured me many times that they wanted to help me with whatever I needed. They purchased new medical bags for when we go on house calls to see patients who cannot come to the clinic. The last time I was in the States, this same church bought us medical equipment that has been such a blessing to the clinic and the work.

Another donor provided the funds to purchase a dental machine. We have been doing extractions for our patients for years but have not had the equipment necessary to fill cavities and save teeth. But now we will be able to do that as well.

Another church wanted to help us purchase lab equipment for the clinic. Running labs on site had been a dream for quite some time. The problem had been finding affordable machines capable of operating on minimal electricity. I had spent some time researching and looking for something but had not been able to find anything that seemed like it would work. So I talked with fellow Palawan missionary Seth Miller, and he was able to find two machines that would fit our needs quite well. They were small and, between the two of them, could run the needed tests. But they were quite expensive.

I talked with the company that sells the equipment and explained the type of work we do and asked them if they would be willing to give us a discount. They did! I then contacted the church that wanted to help fund the equipment. The equipment was still going to be very expensive even with the discount. I expected I would need to find multiple donors, but God placed the burden on one church, and within about two weeks, they let me know that they had the amount needed to purchase both machines! Praise God! Then with some of the leftover funds from the dental unit, we were able to buy supplies for the devices and pay the shipping. God is so good.

I have been so blessed by my donors and supporters. As I have visited with them, they have not only been supportive financially but personally as well. So many people have let me know that they pray for me. Some pray daily. They have written me notes, fed me, welcomed me in and made me feel loved and supported. I had the opportunity to visit one of the churches multiple times during this furlough. It was such a blessing to realize how much they were praying for me and the work in Palawan. I felt very loved and cared for.

To all of my donors and prayer warriors—thank you! You all know who you are. May God bless you for your generosity and for your faithfulness in being a part of reaching the Palawano people. I look forward to introducing them to you in heaven one day and letting you meet the people for whom you have sacrificed and prayed!

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