Editorial: May 2019

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Golden thrones move under their own power and hover in the air (p. 10). Personal and professional relationships suddenly chill, and a permeating spirit of doubt and confusion takes hold (p. 12). Priests make secret sacrifices to spirits as God’s people receive dreams warning of demonic attack (p. 30).

AFM missionaries are locked in a multi-dimensional conflict, only one dimension of which is physical. Though they work to relieve pain and suffering and invest in lifelong friendships, their goals run far deeper than health or companionship. They boldly infiltrate the spiritual kingdoms of this world to build the Kingdom that is not of this world. In these places where Satan’s power is displayed every day for everyone to see and fear, AFM missionaries invite God to prove that “. . . the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). And He always does.

Like any SEAL team or Force Recon unit, AFM missionaries are the very tip of the spear. And like any sharp spear tip, they need weight and power behind them to be effective. If you are not already praying for one or more of our missionary families, please begin today. If you are not already giving to support their work, please pray about that, too. And if you feel your Savior calling you to move from the shaft of this spear to the tip, we welcome you.

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