Editorial: March 2020

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Who are they?

They make Muslim friends, correspond with online seekers and live in Muslim dormitories, reaching out to students. They speak to children through hugs and mourn with the brokenhearted, sharing their sorrow. They hike steep mountain trails and give Bible studies in remote villages. They take care of missionary kids and point them to Christ. They save their friends from sex trafficking and code software to run schools. They enable entire projects with their teaching and create entire health ministries with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who are these amazing people? They are our student and short-term missionaries, and they are the focus of this special issue of Adventist Frontiers.

This is not a detour from our usual business; it is a journey back to our roots. Students launched AFM 35 years ago, and students have remained at the core of our ministry ever since. While we have sent more than 200 career missionaries into the field, we have commissioned more than 500 student and short-term missionaries to the front lines.

If you are a student, be a part of that blessing by giving a year to missions. If you are a giver, multiply the blessing by giving to the AFM Student Missions Fund.

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