Aunty — Uncle Lawangan’s Wife

Aunty is the wife of Maman Lawangan, the witch doctor from the distant and closed-off village introduced in the “Cave of the Pig” article, which I wrote about in a previous issue. Before coming to see us, I am not sure if she had ever met any white people. She said that she had never been to the clinic before or met the Georges.

Aunty loves the Bible stories we share and listens very attentively. She also loves looking at the pictures on the picture roll. Any spare minute she has is spent looking at the pictures. She will look around, scuttle out of the room and sidle up to the picture roll. Then she sits and looks and looks. Sometimes she comments on what she is seeing or what she thinks about the story or the picture. She will ask us questions or point out details on the pictures.

Aunty also really loves Uncle. She is by his side almost 100 percent of the time and only leaves to cook him food. If she sees anyone close to his room, she hurries back inside. Aunty has a lot of fears. She gets scared if Uncle doesn’t eat, if he gets confused and babbles or if he sleeps too much. She is very short, less than 5 feet and probably weighs 40 kilos (about 88 pounds). But Aunty rushes in to help us as much as she can. She helps to hold his legs when we turn Uncle and gives him water and food. She thanks us for taking the time day and night to be up and helping Uncle.

Please keep Uncle Lawangan and Aunty in your prayers. We long for them to come to know Jesus through their time with us at the clinic.

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