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The clinic has been very busy the past few months. This week we had nine inpatients. Our first patient room has a four-month-old baby boy with pneumonia and possible RSV. He is a very happy baby but rather frustrating to give medication to because he consistently vomits the meds several times before keeping them down. He has been with us for 12 days already, and we are still not sure when he will be able to go home.

Our second patient room has been holding various children with respiratory infections. We have a sweet seven-year-old girl who always has a big smile for us. She is on her third round of this respiratory infection that has been circulating. We also had our little Down-Syndrome girl in there with a respiratory infection. She has already gone home because her mom is very faithful in giving her the medications. After she left, we moved a year-old boy in there with the same respiratory infection. He stayed for a few days but has now gone home and is returning every morning for checkups.

Since the clinic has only two inpatient rooms, the back porch is also full of patients. We have an older lady there with gastritis and her granddaughter with pneumonia. The girl is seven months old and very tiny. I delivered her here at the clinic. She has a full head of hair and is a happy baby.

Earlier in the week we also had a patient sleeping in the lab. She had extreme hypertension and stayed here for a couple days until her blood pressure came down.

On Monday, we had a birth—a baby girl. She and her mother stayed at the birthing house for a couple of nights until they were ready to hike back home. In the other room of the birthing house we have a family from Kebgen. Their six-year-old boy fell from a tree and was impaled on a sharp stick that went in his right side and came out above his ribcage on the left. The family said that he was suspended in midair until they pulled him off the stick. He is a living miracle. The stick didn’t injure any of his vital organs. After about a week in the hospital in the lowlands, he is now here to finish his antibiotics. He should be going home in a couple of days.

The clinic has often felt full to overflowing lately. The work can be overwhelming and exhausting, but God is good. He is true to His promise: “As your days, so shall your strength be” (Deut. 33:25).

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