April 2019 Newsletter

To our dear Pendjari Project Partners, Friends, & Family:
“I think God is calling us to overseas missions.” The statement hung in the air as we walked out the camp road, enjoying our typical evening stroll together. It was a feeling that had been growing in my mind for well over a year but I had held back verbalizing it. Both of us had agreed when we were first married that God was not calling us into that type of mission work, we felt there was plenty of mission work here in the States. Plus, for the past 4 ½ years we had been ministering at the Kentucky/Tennessee SDA Conference’s church camp and it had been a mission field for sure. Still I couldn’t get the nagging feeling out of my head that there was no good excuse for us to not go where the need for sharing Jesus was the greatest. 

Chris broke the silence, “Um, well, let’s pray about it.” That was not the response I had expected! I was prepared for him to give a list of logical reasons for us not to make such a crazy decision.  We quietly headed back home and didn’t say another word about it.

Three days later Chris came back from work and casually announced, “I talked with Adventist Frontier Missions today.” That was October 2017 and what an amazing journey we’ve been on ever since and we don’t expect it to end anytime soon! 

The Lord has been providing in amazing and unexpected ways:
• Our first financial contribution came from complete strangers who just wanted to buy our vehicle
• From our start of purposeful fundraising in August 2018 until now the Lord has moved in the hearts of many so that our launching goal of $77,875 has been met and surpassed!!!
• Our first mission presentation was not in a church but rather at Indian Creek Camp’s 50+ camp
• We had the opportunity to be interviewed for 3ABN Today, sharing the need for missionaries to the unreached and our Pendjari Project
• Our known prayer team is almost 400 people strong and growing daily
• And much much more..

The most amazing blessing for us has been our growing relationship with so many of you. As we have spent time talking and praying with you through phone calls, video chats, potlucks, a church vespers and game night, and home visits you have been opening your hearts to us. You have shared with us your comfy couches, yummy food, and pleasant company. You have expressed your joys and your sorrows, your hopes and your fears. You have been teaching us that the Lord truly is an amazing Provider and Deliverer as you’ve told us your conversion stories, how the Lord has provided finances against seemingly overwhelming odds, and how He has comforted you in times of loss that have broken our hearts to hear. You have helped us to realize that everyone has a hurt and that just as the Father has been comforting us, He has comforted you. You have impressed upon our hearts and minds again and again the ever growing knowledge that God always makes a way and He is 100% trustworthy!

From the bottom of our hearts thank you! Thank you for showering us with such overwhelming love and support. Thank you for claiming our Pendjari Project as your own and giving sacrificially to share Jesus with them. Thank you for claiming us as part of your families, checking on us, praying with us, sometimes crying with us! Thank you for allowing Jesus to use you to grow an ever bigger heart of love in us. 

In the ever deepening love of Christ,
Chris & Erin


Thank you brother and sister White for your decision to serve, it has been a wonderful blessing getting to know each of you, may God bless and strengthen you to do his Will.
            In much Christian love,
                      JEFF Roberts.

By JeffreedU2 on May 08 2019, 10:40 pm

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