An Unexpected Rider

The island is 10 miles long and three miles wide at its widest. There are only three dirt roads: a short one on the western shore, a long one on the eastern shore and a connecting road in the north. Everywhere else is accessed by various paths for motorbikes, bicycles, tractors and feet.

Having visited the far northern part of this island, we were anxious to explore more of it. At the southern end of the western road, I noticed paths crossing the forests and rice fields that seemed to connect to the eastern road. In the middle of dry season, such paths are crossable on my mountain bike, so I began an exploratory ride. Sticks, ruts, paddy retaining walls, sand and gravel didn’t make the ride easy, but cutting across the southern section of the island afforded me an incredible view of the land.

As I biked past a house and finally arrived at the eastern road, I passed a lady who gave me a bewildered look of surprise. It is uncommon for foreigners to visit this area, and even more uncommon for them to appear from trails leading off to rice fields! As I continued on, children called out greetings to me, and I waved back. Many of these communities have never been visited by a foreigner. Many of the people have never heard of Jesus, or have heard only pieces and rumors. One 60-year-old lady I spoke with had never been to a hospital in her whole life, only to witch doctors.

We believe God is calling us to work among these island communities. Will you help us reach them?

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