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Youth Ministries Assistant, Kono

Group of smiling worker and locals holding papers

The Call

WADc01-1,2 Youth Ministries Assistant – Connect with local youth and make friends for Christ. Take on a leadership role in the local Pathfinder club and train up local leadership. Teach English or science at a local high school and demonstrate Christ’s love through your life.

The People

Numbering almost half a million, the Kono are primarily farmers, spread across eastern and northern Sierra Leone. Children are expected to help with a large amount of the work. Although the Kono value good relationships, they tend to squabble with their neighbors, especially regarding money or property. Therefore, each village usually has a “wise man” and an elected or appointed leader to help resolve conflicts. Kono houses are generally quite large to accommodate extended families and are built of either mud or cement blocks, depending on what is available. In rural areas, roofs are usually still made of thatch. Most cook over open fires.

The Project

The Kono have been a high-priority unreached people group for the Sierra Leone SDA Mission for many years. Still, there has been an absolute lack of gospel workers and finances to initiate new gospel outreach work among the Kono due to various factors, such as the Ebola outbreak and civil war. After requests from the Sierra Leone SDA Mission, AFM has agreed to assign the Cokers to lead the new Kono Project. The Cokers speak Krio and English, the dominant languages among the Kono, and bring many years of successful church planting among the Susu of Guinea to the new Kono Project. To learn more, view the project page for Kono.

Get Started and Apply Now!

Questions? Contact service@afmonline.org for more details about this opportunity or to ask any questions about service that you might have.