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Disciple Maker, Central Asia

Person holding Bible in field

The Call

ESDd01-1 to 4 Disciple Maker – Make friends for Jesus in an environment where following Him is not popular or socially accepted. Meet people and make connections through community development projects such as language tutoring or health education. Minister to the local people through friendship evangelism and assist new believers in becoming missionaries themselves. Team ministry in a Creative Access location.

The People

The You* people of central Asia are a Muslim minority group that numbers about eight million. Their ancestors were nomadic herders and caravan drivers who were key middlemen in the trade between the orient and Europe. Today, many You people are involved in businesses like manufacturing, oil drilling, mining and transportation. The You people are generally proud, happy and independent, despite the political, religious and ethnic conflicts they have experienced, some of which are ongoing.

The Project

The You people group is under government pressure to change their traditional beliefs and way of life. Their Muslim faith is frowned upon, and government schools teach atheism to their children. Christians in this area are also persecuted. Mission agencies work with the You people, but there are very few converts and no native You church. More than five million You people have never heard of salvation through Jesus Christ. To learn more, view the project page for the Reach-Out Project

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