The Need

Why did the Apostle Paul make tents? Because his business enabled his ministry and made him a more effective witness for Christ. There is great spiritual hunger in many locations around the world where it is difficult to enter as a missionary or minister, but very easy to enter as a skilled professional or teacher who brings value to the community.

The People

Tentmakers may choose from a wide variety of places and unreached people groups around the world where their professional expertise will be welcomed, and most importantly, where their witness is desperately needed.

The Project

Tentmakers are dedicated, spiritually mature Christians who, in light of the Great Commission, view their vocation as an opportunity to reach unreached people. Employment is a vital aspect of Christian witness because it provides substantial means to develop relationships, credibility and contexts for ministry.

Tentmaking is an exciting area for missions because it opens up opportunities to reach seemingly inaccessible people in new ways with the Gospel. Tentmaking can be very powerful in mission fields where traditional types of ministry are ineffective or prohibited.

The Call

Tentmakers can be employed within a company, teach in an educational institution, work in government, or own or run a business. Male or female or couples needed.

Follow in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and put your professional skill to work expanding Christ’s kingdom!

Be a tentmaker today!

Call 402-304-4709 or email GoTential@gmail.com to discover where you can go as a tentmaker and how you can join the tentmaker community. Learn more at our GoTential website at www.gotential.org.


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Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.