ESL/Teacher of Careers’ Children, Tai-Kadai

The Call

SSDw01-1 ESL/Teacher of Careers’ Children – Assist a Career mother as she teaches at a home school group for expatriate missionary kids 20hrs/week Teach English to local children. Invest in the lives of young people as a friendship evangelist. TOEFL training provided. Creative access country.

The People

The Tai-Kadai are caught up in the spirit world of Buddhism, Brahmanism, and animism co-mingled in a cacophony of confusion. For these “Buddhists” success in life is a direct result of good karma inherited from the previous life.

The Project

This creative access project is located in a small city on a river flood-plain. An English language school was established in the early 2000s where the AFM missionaries connect with local people through service and friendship. To learn more, view the project page for Tai-Kadai

Apply now

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