Student or Teacher, Yao Zhuang of China

The Call

AS/CY-01 and AS/CY-02 Student/Teacher – Workers needed: Two units to study the language and culture, teach English, or translate the Scriptures among the Yao Zhuang. A student visa is the most viable way to stay in China over a long period of time and one could obtain a degree from the B.A. level on up through a Ph.D. while planting the church.

The People

The Yao Zhuang are China’s largest minority ethnic group. Most follow a traditional animist faith known as Moism, which include elements of ancestor worship.

The Project

The Yao Zhuang are China’s largest people group without the Scriptures in their language. Located in the southeastern part of China in the Guanxi Province, this project would target a population of over 3 million in the area of Nan Ning. To learn more, view the project page for Yao Zhuang

Get Started

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