Registered Nurse/Teacher (Emrang), Palawano

Palawano Clinic

The Call

SSDg08-1,2 Registered Nurse/Teacher (Emrang) – Two SMs of same gender or STM couple to tend patients daily in clinic, treating tropical diseases, stitching wounds, and providing other wound treatments and dressings. Arrange medical evacuation of the severely ill. Also will run a small literacy school, usually grades K-3, teaching the adults to read and write. At least one of the SM/STMs must have an RN degree.

The People

The people, in general, are shy, sweet, humble, and gentle. The young people are being educated through our mission school, but many adults remain uneducated, superstitious, and primitive.

The Project

The AFM missionary family who has been working here for 18 years are seeking to ground these new believers as they establish the church. They need young helpers to administer schools and work in clinics so that the people can see how Christians behave as they help their community. To learn more, view the project page for Palawano

Get Started

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