Nurses/Health Educator, Susu


The Call

WADc03-1to3 Nurses/Health Educators (Guinea) – Day clinic and hospital care in a rural setting. Visit the village, staying there for three days each week, diagnosing and treating patients. Deal with tropical diseases, stitch wounds, give wound care treatments/dressings, start/maintain IVs, care for in-patients, and provide health education to various groups and individuals. Will study the Susu language. RN preferred.

The People

The Susu people can be loud, aggressive, and somewhat argumentative; but they are also warm and fun loving. Most are illiterate. Their religion is Islam mixed with animism.

The Project

In seeking to establish a well-grounded work among the Susu people, the second family to work in Guinea is seeking to strengthen the medical missionary work in outlaying areas. Nurses are needed to travel from the project base to the village to treat the sick. To learn more, view the project page for Susu

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