Nurse/Health Educator, Mozambique

The Call

SIDh03-1,2 Nurse/Health Educator — Engage villagers through public health and training events. Use Portuguese language public health materials and curricula already available through ADRA. The goal is to develop interests that could transition to Bible studies and lead to small group attendees. Must be fluent in Portuguese. Creative access country.

The People

As a Bantu-speaking people, the Tonga share the general history of migration from Central Europe, which began around the time of Christ. Now they live in Mozambique, eastern Africa, where they are a small minority tribe. The Tonga follow ancient practices of tribal ancestor worship.


This is a new project at which Short-term missionaries from Brazil, who are native Portuguese speakers, will join Career Missionaries in church-planting efforts. To learn more go to the project page for the Tonga

Get Started

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