Maintenance/Automotive Repairman (Brooke’s Pt.), Palawano

The Call

SSDg11-1 Maintenance/Automotive Repairman (Brooke’s Point) – SM/STM will live in the lowlands and help to provide support in various ways for the larger team in Kemantian. Keep vehicles (pick-up truck and motorcycles) in running condition; maintain grounds and buildings at Mountain View Farm; repair and maintain farm machinery; help supervise farm workers; help with purchasing and transporting supplies into the project; help in the event of medical evacuation, etc. Assist in outreach projects. Must be a male.

The People

The Palawano people, in general, are shy, sweet, humble, and gentle. The young people are being educated through our mission school, but many adults remain uneducated, superstitious, and primitive.

The Project

The AFM missionary family who has been working here for over 15 years are seeking to ground these new believers as they establish the church. They need young helpers to administer schools, work in clinics, and maintain project properties so the people can see how Christians behave as they help their community. To learn more, view the project page for Palawano

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