Literacy Teacher, Mozambique

The Call

SIDh01-1,2 Literacy Teacher — Teach women to read their own language. Develop meaningful relationships with young people and their families. Be able to establish a Pathfinder club, youth Bible Study/Prayer Groups, and the office from which you will offer literacy classes. Must be fluent in Portuguese. Creative access country. Female only.

The People

As a Bantu-speaking people, the Tonga share the general history of migration from Central Europe, which began around the time of Christ. Now they live in Mozambique, eastern Africa, where they are a small minority tribe. The Tonga follow ancient practices of tribal ancestor worship.


This is a new project at which Short-term missionaries from Brazil, who are native Portuguese speakers, will join Career Missionaries in church-planting efforts. To learn more go to the project page for the Tonga

Get Started

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