Lay Pastor/English Teacher, Iranians of the Middle East

The Call

ME/AI-01 and ME/AI-02 Lay Pastors/English Teachers – Workers needed: two units, one to provide pastoral care and another to offer English language lessons as a gateway to greater trade and business opportunities for the Iranians, who either live long-term in the country or who will hear the Gospel and then return to Iran to share it.

The People

The Iranians are mostly Shi’a Muslims. But there are increasing levels of disillusionment within Iran as a result of the oppressive political regime of the ayatollahs.

The Project

Workers are needed to develop Bible study materials, bring new believers into the fellowship of the SDA Church, provide pastoral care, and develop guidelines for living and worshipping in underground SDA house churches in Iran. English language lessons are another way to get close to the people. To learn more, view the project page for Iranians of the Middle East

Get Started

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