Disciple-Maker, “You”

The Call

ESDd01-1to4 Disciple-Maker – Main role will be helping to identify people of peace and spending significant time discipling them. Live with the “You” people in order to facilitate faster language and culture acquisition and to help bring about a worldview shift. Disciple through Discovery Bible Studies and prayer. May also be asked to engage in community development activities such as language tutoring or health education. Muslim environment.

The People

The people are educated and literate. They are Central Asians with influence from Soviet culture. Most are Muslims, ranging from secular Muslim to conservative Muslims. All have some influence from folk Islam.

The Project

There is an experienced family serving here who is open to mentoring student and short-term missionaries to reach this people group.

Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.