Church Planter, Western Nasu of China

The Call

AS/CW-01 and AS/CW-02 Church Planter – Workers needed: Two units to learn Chinese and the target language of Western Nasu before moving into the territory to share the Gospel.

The People

The Western Nasu are a comparatively large ethnic group (nearly 300,000 of them) in western Yunnan and are in the process of assimilation to Han Chinese culture and language. Deities and ghosts are believed to control their lives and they are steeped in Shamanism, Animism, and Ancestor worship.

The Project

There were no known Christians or Scriptures or other Christian resources in the Western Nasu people group as of five years ago and the great majority of the people have never heard the Gospel or even the name of Jesus Christ. Our project will initially be located in Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan province of southern China, for language learning purposes. To learn more, view the project page for Western Nasu

Get Started

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